Helping Today's Youth Become Tomorrow's Leaders

In June 1994, SAYS opened one of Arkansas’ five regional programs for serious offenders.  Located 10 miles south of Lewisville, Arkansas, the program utilizes a wilderness setting.  A military look is quite evident at the facility, with many positive aspects of the military being operational there.  The staff uses a levels system to promote team unity and spirit and to provide a blue print for these young men to follow as they work through the Lewisville Juvenile Treatment Center and return to aftercare. 

Since the program opened, SAYS was able to pioneer approaches to security and programming that have been adopted by four other programs.  SAYS’ use of a coordinated security plan, video and audio cameras, and putting clients in distinctive uniforms was later mandated and adopted by the Division of Youth Services.  In January 2005, the Lewisville facility underwent its three-year re-accreditation with an American Correctional Association audit.  Results of the audit indicated that there was 100 % compliance in all areas tested.  Recently, the Lewisville Juvenile Treatment Center received 100 % compliance on its third accreditation in February 2008.

In July 1998, SAYS assumed operation of the DYS Camp #1 Wilderness Facility in Mansfield, Arkansas upon request from the Governor, Mike Huckabee.  The program utilizes a strong work program allowing youth to earn an early discharge from the camp.  A levels system and mentoring program is utilized to improve the client’s behavior.  SAYS installed the first time-out room with security cameras and door alarms. 

Our agency has an agreement with the Adult Education Center at Fort Smith to provide an onsite GED program.  Last year, Northwest Regional Juvenile Program had 33 students who received their GED along with 17 female offenders who received their Certified Nursing Assistant certification.  All regional programs are receiving educational services on the Plato System, which is based on the Arkansas Frameworks, approved by the Department of Education. 

The clients at the Northwest facility receive additional vocational training such as carpentry, small gas engines, and auto mechanics.  The Northwest male and female programs were the first in the state to receive ACA accreditation, along with maintaining accreditation at 100 % compliance on their third re-accreditation.


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