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Parents and Client Informational Brochure (pdf)


The staff at the Magnolia facility consists of Southern Arkansas University students; older adults experienced in parenting, counselors, caseworkers and certified teachers. The program is one of reality therapy and behavior modification provided in a home-like atmosphere. The staff to attain the desired behavioral changes in the residents utilizes a consistently-applied levels program. Each resident earns points for his/her behavior every hour of every day. Earned points determine levels and privileges, including the right to utilize earned money to eat out one night a week, the right to attend swimming one night a week in the summer and the right to weekend passes and telephone calls with loved ones.

Our agency works with the local school districts, Southern Arkansas University, South Arkansas Mental Health Centers, Magnolia Boys and Girls Club and local community agencies and private providers.

The SAYS Youth Shelter program is based on reality therapy and behavioral modification through a levels system provided in a home-like atmosphere.  An intensive level system will be utilized as part of an overall behavior modification plan.  Clients in the program are graded on their behavior every waking hour of every day of the week.  Once a week, the youth are notified of any advance or drop in level that has occurred during that week.  This system provides the client with concrete measures of his or her progress through the program and towards completion of established goals.  This program, consistently applied, enables the staff to effect desired changes in residents’ behavior.  Every month the Program Coordinator, Case Manager, client, committing court, and the legal guardian will the clients’ progress towards completion of his ICP or Aftercare Plan.


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