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Union County

United Way Approves Community Impact Grant for SAYS

Magnolia, Ark.—South Arkansas Youth Services, Inc. (SAYS) received a $5,000 Community Impact Grant Tuesday from the United Way of Union County Budget and Allocations Committee.  SAYS will use the proceeds to provide a substance abuse outpatient program for adolescents in the Union County area. 

Through SAYS’ Union County Outreach and JPO (Juvenile Probation Officer) programs, the SAYS Outpatient Substance Abuse Program will be offered on a weekly basis with individual and group therapy.  The program is for males and females who are having difficulties with delinquency and substance abuse and who are in need of intensive substance abuse services.  This program is designed to empower youth to decrease their substance abuse through therapy, female responsive services, intensive substance abuse counseling, relapse planning, victim empathy treatment, community support services and victimization treatment.  The minimum duration of the program is 12 weeks plus two months of follow-up services.  SAYS will offer evidence based substance abuse programming that follows the 12-Step Model along with the New Directions Program.

SAYS is a non-profit organization that operates the Youth Shelter in Magnolia, as well other juvenile programs throughout the state in Lewisville, Mansfield and Dermott.  SAYS also employs Juvenile Probation Officers in Columbia County, Union County and Ouachita County.


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