Helping Today's Youth Become Tomorrow's Leaders


Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center (MJTC) is located 4.5 miles south of Mansfield, Arkansas.  The Program is one of the Division of Youth Services’ (DYS) contracted offender facilities and is a component of South Arkansas Youth Services, Inc. which has provided services to Arkansas' youth for over 25 years.  This facility is located at the tip of Poteau Mountain that covers over 248 acres with a lake set in the middle. 

The male program provides 27 beds to the DYS in a therapeutic environment.  This program is accredited with the American Correctional Association through juvenile residential program. It is designed to meet the male responsive needs of the mild to moderate offenders committed to the DYS for the 13 to 17 year-old population.  The minimum stay at this facility is six months, followed by six months of aftercare services. 

The program is set up on six basic values that are the main concept of the program. Respect for life, self, others, property, authority and the desire to learn and improve.  We hope in teaching these concepts we have improved the quality of life for Arkansas Juveniles and their families.

The MJTC professionals play a key role in helping both males and females work to support healthy relationships. This program provides educational services, mental health treatment, responsive services, college preparation, behavioral modification, alcohol and substance abuse counseling, psychiatric services through a licensed counselor and psychiatrist, vocational training, gender specific services, case management and discharge planning services, and community service.  This program operates on 30/10 models where each client receives 30 hours of education and 10 hours of mental treatment weekly.


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